SIX-X INSTRUMENTS manufacture all kind of surgical instruments. SIX-X INSTRUMENTS has primarily been involved in manufacturing of a wide range of , dental instruments, manicure and scissors of all sorts with the help of diligent workers under the supervision of highly technical supervisors.

The instruments and scissors are manufactured from high quality stainless steel to achieve required sharpness and longevity and designed for comfortable handling with minimal fatigue. Handles are specially crafted for easy rotation, better control and greater precision.

We ensure high quality products. It is because of the resources at our disposal and the production processes we adhere to.

Message from CEO

I feel very honored to deliver the message as the CEO of SIX-X instruments. We have been in this field for past a decade as the local manufacturers and suppliers to some of the leading brand named exporters of the city and recently we took an initiative to run this game on our own. SIX-X instruments will always deliver you the best quality on time according to the requirements of the customer top quality products on Market competitive rates.
We look forward to work with you in the best possible manner with our extreme concern and efforts


Six-X Instruments